How A Single Man Can Spend A Day In Manchester?

Manchester has been a city with a strong history related to industrial revolution and cotton mills. This is the reason why it has grown into a modern, bustling and a vibrant city with a lot of opportunities to earn and spend a contented life here.

The tourism of Manchester

Manchester with a link to its diverse lifestyle and remarkable history has always been centre of tourism of North East of England. People love to visit here and learn about the history that prevails in the ruin of old mills and cotton factories.

Therefore, if you are a person with liking towards and history and historians then you should visit Manchester. In this blog, you will learn about places to visit and how to reach.

Popular places to visit in Manchester

  1. John Rylands Library

To learn more about history and historians, you must visit John Rylands Library that has a realm of Hogwarts. You can find shelve full of old bound books and papers. The library also has hilarious spots for photoshoot which makes the trip awesome if you have a partner.

  1. Manchester Arndale

If you are a shopaholic and love shopping for different and latest fashions then Manchester Arndale is the perfect place. It has lanes full of high street shops with latest fashions. A bit of time spent here will be one of the remarkable times of this trip.

  1. Town Hall

For the lovers of Neo-Gothic architecture, this is the perfect place to be in England. The building is tall and stunning. It also hosts free events to be a part of it. While visiting John Rylands Library, you must take a stroll here. Both are situated in nearest proximity.

Popular food places in Manchester

Fig & Sparrow in Northern Quarter

It is one of the popular places for breakfast and brunches. Here you can have the easy and budget friendly meals. The place has options like salads, sandwiches, etc.

Kozmoz for Dinner

Kozmoz is a Greek restaurant with awesome deals on 2 courses meals. Apart from the food ambience of the restaurant is also great and worth visiting. The meals served here not only satisfy your tongue palate but also fancy your eyes.

How to get in Manchester?

There are a plenty of ways to get in Manchester. However, we will discuss only three of them.

  • By train – Train is the best way to visit Manchester. You can book your tickets online and plan for the journey.
  • By bus – Buses are easy by longest travel modes. However, still if you love to travel to Manchester via road then choose Megabus. You can get tickets as little as £1.
  • By Airport – In North East of England, Manchester Airport is the major serving airport. Book flights in advance and visit in here.

Have a company if you are visiting alone

If you are travelling alone in Manchester, you might miss the fun. Therefore, hire an escort in Manchester from a renowned escort agency Manchester and enjoy the trip.

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