Plan Your Stag Party In Manchester

Getting married is the dream of everyone. But that marriage incorporation should not take away the fun, you had being a stag. Therefore, being a man, you can still spend your last days of bachelorhood with various options available in Manchester.

Some of the ways you can spend of stag days in Manchester are explained below.

  1. Hire 2 Butlerettes for 2 hours in Manchester 

If you wanted to keep the fun limited to your best friend and you, then you can definitely hire two butlerettes. These are so sophisticated to make your eyes glittered. They will make your time memorable by adding glamour and elegance to the party.

  1. Enjoy Stag Steak and Strip Show in Manchester 

If you love good food with beer and girls, then this place is to be. Here you get to pay as less as £19.95 per person and can bring up to eight guests. In fact, if you are groom-to-be, your entry is free. So, get in here with your gang and enjoy steak and chips, one beer, and strippers. If you want the show to be private and personal, then go for VIP entry.

  1. Stag Gents Club in Manchester 

No stag party or fun is complete without strippers and girls wearing suspenders. Therefore, if you wish to be part of such clubs, then be here. The girls here will dance around the pole and sit in your lap to make your testosterones go high. You can also enjoy female erotic dances and beer both at the same time. You will also get a VIP entry.

  1. Enjoy the company of crawl babes in Manchester 

If you are throwing your stag party or planning to enjoy your last days of bachelorhood, then be here with your partners in the crime. Beer babes here will make your night memorable by serving you beers in gorgeous boots and dresses. On booking a trip, you get 2 to 4 car crawl beauties and a few free shots on arrival. You can bring a minimum of 10 guests, a party with £29.95 per person.

  1. Manchester Retro Night With beautiful girls

Manchester is known to hold retro nights for the stag that includes beautiful babes and gorgeous girls dressed in colourful attire of the bygone era. The place is full of pop music from the 70s where you can sing and dance all night out. You can also dress up accordingly to add the fun factor. It takes as little as £5.00 per person with six guests.

  1. Hire Manchester escorts from reputed agencies 

If you don’t want to go out and enjoy a bar or club, you also have the option of booking a fabulous girl in-house for the stag party. There are many Manchester Escorts Agencies that provide beautiful and dedicated escorts for stag or bachelor nights. You can ask for a variety of escorts here, including brunette, blond, MILF, strippers, ebony, fat chick, etc. They will provide you with services in the budget to enjoy the stag party.

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